Latin Hypnotic

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The group LATIN HYPNOTIC Dance Company was founded in March 2006 by a passion for dance by Matteo Bruno. His artistic formation is influenced by the encounter with the biggest names in the Latin America and the Caribbean, his personal experience was critical to achieving its objective to study with sacrifice to achieve his dream.
MATTEO BRUNO was born in Foggia on June 17, 1983, at the age of only six years thanks to his parents started studying ballet, then start to do even singing and acting, but the passion for the dance itself came in 2001.
He began working as an animator in various clubs in Milan, an immediate success!

In 2006 he had the opportunity to enter one of the most famous groups in Latin America, in which can grow up learning and perfecting all that was needed to ensure that the dance company LATIN HYPNOTIC dance company was born!. ..

The LATIN HYPNOTIC dance company directed by Matteo Bruno is now one of the groups most in demand all over the world! They have participated in many conferences around the world, including Milan, Berlin, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Bulgaria (Sofia), Switzerland, Zurich, Belgium, Madrid and many other.

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